Monday, August 4, 2008

Nomination - bad news, darn government.

I got a call from my recruiter today.

Not great news.

Apparently due to the high cost of oil and the low American dollar, the government has to re-work the budget. This means that all "generalist programs" (TEFL, Community Development, etc), including mine, are suspended indefinitely. So this means I'm in "limbo" until I can get a new nomination.

Luckily, he said that they're going to start re-opening programs weekly so maybe my program will re-open soon and I can get a start on my medical stuff.

Even my friend Jenna, who's supposed to be leaving for El Salvador in mid-September (she got her invite and everything) got a "let's talk about your placement status" voicemail today.

So wish me luck.

UPDATE: Apparently Jenna's PO was just checking to see if she wanted to accept her invite or decline it - Jenna decided to take the full 10 days to make her decision.

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jane said...

hey Sara, I've been checking your blog the past few weeks because I am in almost the EXACT situation as you and haven't found a single other person on-line who seems to be having the same problems, so I thought I'd stop being creepy and say Hi! Hope you hear something soon!