Saturday, May 23, 2009


A very rough draft of a packing list.

**It seems like so much...SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!

* = I have
italics = still need

*Timbuk 2 messenger
*Osprey Porter
*Samsonite upright rolling suitcase-thingy
*1 empty duffle bag for the crap PC gives me in training
*Camping sleeping bag (Coleman)

*1 Dress (for special events like swearing in)
*5 Skirts
*5 shirts
*3 tee shirts
*3 button-up shirts
*2 sweaters
*Tank tops
*2 lounge pants/pj pants
*2 jeans
*1 Gauchos
*1 Bathing suit (1-piece, tankini)
*KU baseball cap
*1 "khakis" dark color (dark beige, olive green)
*1 lightweight hoodie
*1 rainjacket
*2 slips (half)
*3 bras
*5 pair socks (non-white)
*20 underwear (10 in Ziploc bag for 2nd year)
*Few pieces jewelry

*2 sandal/flip flops
*Teva sandals
*1 dressy shoes
*Tennis shoes

*3 month supply of medicine
*Body soap
*Fluoride mouthwash
*Hair Brush
*Tampons (OB)
*4 Deodorant (Dove)
*1 Dental floss
*1 Lotion (Johnson’s)
*1 Dove face moisturizer with sunscreen
*Extra razor blades
*Nail clippers
*Hand sanitizer
*2 Chapstick (Burt’s Bees)
*Hair ties, bobby pins
*Face Wash
*1 Washcloth
*Small mirror

*MP3 player
*Portable speakers
*Digital Camera (with disk and book)
*Extra memory card
*Rechargeable batteries AA and AAA
*Alarm Clock
Shortwave Radio (any recommendations?)
*Flash Drive
*solar battery charger (Solio H1000)
*Laptop (with reboot disks and book)
*External Hard Drive
*Laptop lock
Plug adapter(s) (British 3-pin plugs) (Buy over there?)
*Converter(s) (stepdown voltage converter) (Uganda is 220V, 50 cycles, but can range anywhere from 190V to 260V)
*Head phones

*Crosswords/Sudoku (NY Times crosswords?)
*Photos from home
*Watercolor notebook
*Paint brushes
*Sketching pencils
*Sketch book
*2 water bottles
*Swiss Army knife
*Sewing Kit
*Gardening seeds (Cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, spinach, dill, basil, brussels sprouts, chives, parsley, peas, African Daisy, Sunflower, cabbage, corn)
*Money/passport belt-thingy (thanks Elise!)
*Luggage Locks
*Ear plugs
*Emergency debit card
*Flat sheet x2
*Plastic mattress cover (to keep the bedbugs off me)
*Stapler with staples
*Duct Tape
*Deck of Cards

*Crystal light/sugar-free Grape KoolAid drink powder
Turkey Jerky
*Luna and Cliff Bars (yeah...I did have these, but I ate them!)
Seasoning packets
*Tea (green)
*Hot sauce

*Veggie Peeler
*Ziplock bags different sizes
*Measuring spoons/cups
*Can Opener
*Knife for cooking
*Fork and Knife set

*Immunization forms
*Staging forms
*Photo Id
*8 Passport pictures
*Student loan deferment papers

Last update: 8/1/09


Amber said...

Hey. Saw your message on my blog. I am with some other PCVS here is what we suggest:

Bring all electronics that you use.
Bring clothes you like to wear and ones that are flattering and also take long skirts atleast to knee. I seriously want to emphasize the fact of bringing clothes you like because many PCV's bring stuff they hate and then end up buying new. Its worth investing in conservative attractive clothes before you come.

Bring tanks and a sweater or 2. Bring sheets and plastic matress cover (bed bugs are crazy here... but not everyone got them) Bring pants and jeans you like. Bring long running shorts/capris.

Toiletries you can get in country. Pack minimally with these. Do contacts if you do them in the states, ignore the thing about it not being sanitary. But bring enough for the 2 years. Pack good rain gear (a nice jacket, not heavy)

Many PCVs have electricity so dont go out of your way to buy solar powered stuff at all. Even if you dont have elec. you will be able to charge your stuff somewhere close.

Vitamins and medicines can ALL be given to you by Peace Corps when you get here. Pack pictures, duct tape, and a few washrags. Pack seeds. Ha. kind of random stuff but you can get a lot in country. Your list looks good but very intense. Oh ya, bring books atleast 5 and you can trade them out at the PC office. Bring bunjee cords.

These are totally random but we are just trying to mention things that PC maybe says don't bring but we think that you need.

Also, the weight limit is not a big deal at all. AT ALL. So pack what you want and make sure you bring things you think you will use. Cant wait to meet ya. Good luck packing and feel free to e mail me if you have more questions:

S. said...

Thanks so much Amber! I list is a little insane...I just put down stuff I thought I might wand, didn't know how much is available in country :)

Never thought about mattress cover...but yeah. Bed bugs = bad!

I'm such a horrible/worrisome packer! You're a lifesaver :)

Thanks so much! I can't wait to get there in 10 weeks!

S. said...

If you don't mind, I'm going to post your advice on our FB group :)