Monday, June 1, 2009

In case anyone's confused...

Same blog, new name.


Erica said...

I like the new title! :)

Sara M said...

Thanks! that's the distance between my hometown and Uganda :)

Chris and Nan said...

Hey, you asked what type of duffels we used while packing for PC. It's probably too late but we got them from Walmart. They're pretty sturdy and were only like 18 bucks... not sure of the brand though. Hope this helps! And if not, have a blast in Uganda!

Rachael said...

Hi Sara! I read your comment on my blog and it's nice to see that people outside of friends and family are reading it and maybe finding it useful, intersting, amusing or whatever. Congradulations on your invitation to PC Uganda!! That really is very exciting and I look forward to meeting you sometime in the future. As far as packing goes, here is my advice:
-look at the packing lists of other volunteers, the one that PC gives you and the one on Wikipedia; those will give you some good basic stuff to bring
-don't limit yourself to what PC says!! ex. bring more than 3-4 skirts or 5 shirts. You're going to be wearing the same clothes at least through the nine weeks of traing and, trust me, after a couple weeks of wearing the same clothes and having to wash everything by hand, you'll be wishing you had a bigger wardrobe
-definitely bring any music player that you want; it's good for relaxing an giving you a break when you need it
-bring pictures, they help when you feel particularly homesick
-gum. If you're an avid chewer like me, I would stock up; the only thing they have here is juicy fruit
-anything electronic (there very expensive here), eg. memory cards, flash drives, camara, etc.
That's all I can really think of now but if I remember anything, I'll be sure to let you know. Feel free to ask about anything else and enjoy your American Summer ( :

Sara M said...

Thanks Rachel! I feel so much better now about packing more clothes than PC said to :)

Can't wait to get there! 8 more weeks :)