Saturday, March 14, 2009

4 more weeks

I "spoke" with my PO again this week. I wanted to update her on some new things I have done and am planning on doing. I've signed up for the Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogens class (it seems like every health PC applicant takes this class!) and have completed a few on-line courses through Kansas Train. I have also decided to seek out a recommendation letter from my ESL supervisor. Since TEFL is not my nominated field and I'd like to be considered for such a position, I thought a recommendation letter would be a wise idea! I hope to have it emailed to my PO by the end of the month.

At the end of the email response, my PO stated that they should be reviewing my file in the middle of April now (not mid-March as it was before). I'm not very surprised by this actually. Due to the increasing conflict in Madagascar, the US Embassy and the Peace Corps volunteers are leaving and the PC Madagascar program is temporarily suspended. That means PC needs to find new placements for all the trainees where were to leave on March 12th (they were actually notified during their staging that they were not leaving) and perhaps begin looking for new placements for current Madagascar volunteers. I'm pretty sure the Africa desk is a little busy right now!

So four more weeks....

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