Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New PO and placement update

I just got an email from the placement desk (same person who requested my resume - APO?) and now have the name, email, and phone number of my new placement officer!

Also included in the email:

The Placement and Assessment Office is currently focused on programs with June-July departures. Your file will most likely be reviewed by your Placement and Assessment Officer in the next 4-6 weeks.
*Hopefully a little earlier*

And also a little tidbit that gives me a pretty good idea that I'm nominated for Uganda:
You are nominated to an Africa program with an early August departure date. If an invitation is issued, Peace Corps is obligated to give the invitee a minimum of 6 weeks notice before the departure date of their program. Invitees for this particular program will be notified by the fifth week in June.

Uganda leaves August 6th this year :)


Christian said...

The PC plays their cards close to their chest, don't they? If they tell you anything, its a "most-likely" at best. Good luck on the placement.

Sara M said...

heck yeah they do!

Although I feel pretty proud that I figured out my original nomination is for Uganda!

Now I just need to get that invitation!