Friday, April 10, 2009

Still waiting

No new placement updates yet. Although Jenna predicted that I'll get my invite on May 6, which would make a pretty good day since I'm going to the art museum on the 6th with some of my students too! I love the art museum - it's one of my favorite places!

When I last emailed my PO with some application/experience updates, she didn't include any invitation updates so I'm going to assume that I'm still on track for a mid-April application review. After my application is reviewed to make sure all my materials are in order, then she'll start looking for placements!

I know of at least one person who's received an August invite (Uganda). She also has *I believe* the same PO - so I'm pretty sure my PO is at least looking at quarter 4 (July, August, September) invites now!


Tom Bomb! said...

Sara congratulations that is exciting news. I wish a PO would call me, its been like two months since I got all my clearances! Guess it gives me time to pay off a couple of bills =/

Sara M said...

Isn't the wait so much fun?

It's even more fun when you know your PO is looking at your quarter (I'm quarter 4) for invites!

Luckily I've got everything but student loans paid all I have to do now is finish the semester and wait.....and wait.....