Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here's the mail It never makes me wanna wag my tail...when it comes I wanna wail...MAIL!!!

My address during training will be:

“My Name,” PCT
P.O. Box 29348
Kampala, Uganda

After training, I will establish a mailing address in the community where I’m posted. So, this address will be a temporary one used during my first few months in Uganda. I’ll let you know what my new address will be when I receive it!

Some thoughts:
  • Letters take a minimum of two weeks to arrive in Uganda if sent by airmail, packages even longer.

  • Packages sent by surface mail usually take between one and two months.

  • Some mail may simply not arrive (this is not a frequent occurrence, but it does happen). Number your letters (so I can tell if one is out of order or missing) and to write “Airmail” and “Par Avion” on your envelopes.

  • Print the address very clearly, preferably in all capital letters.

  • I've been told that writing something religious (like bible verses, crosses, or writing "Sister (my name)" in the address line) can also help my mail reach me safely!

  • Postcards should be sent in envelopes (or they might end up decorating the wall of the local post office).

  • If you want to send me a package, it is best to keep it small and use a padded envelope so it will be treated as a letter and will reach its destination quicker and *possibly* unopened. I will probably have to pay fees on boxes, so stuff everything in a padded envelope if possible!

  • If you want to send me some batteries, you’ll have to “forget” you packed them when filling out customs forms (the U.S. won’t send batteries overseas)!

  • Also, be as vague as possible on the customs forms. Instead of DVDs or Books, write “educational material” or “nutritional material” for food products, etc. That way the temptation to look inside may be reduced.

  • Valuables should not be sent through the mail. Duty may be charged on food and cosmetics. (this is where creative "claiming" might come in handy...)

  • DO NOT SEND MONEY! It will not reach me.
Some helpful sites to determine how to cheaply send me mail:

One last thing: It would be lovely if you could include some Ziploc bags in each envelope :)

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Megan B said...

Hi Sara,

The one thing I really wish I had brought with me is a decent set of knives for chopping vegetables and such. YOu really can't find good ones in Uganda. Pretty much everything else you can find. And bring at least one sweatshirt, the southwest of the country is cold. I had no idea, and I got placed there.

Welcome to PC Uganda, and hopefully I'll meet you when you get here!